Course: Using images online


If you write web content, you also provide images. Do it right and maximise the impact.

Are you choosing the right images for your website or intranet? Are they useful? Are they appropriate? Are they accessible? Do you know how to write ALT-text?

After completing this course you'll be confident about publishing photos, illustrations and graphs online.

Course contents

  1. Why ALT-text is so important: without this little piece of coding, many people simply won't see your images.
  2. When ALT-text is not enough. Some images are so complex that you need to explain them to certain readers, for example the partially blind.
  3. How to use the right graphs and charts: make them fit the purpose and the page.
  4. Tips for graphs and charts: valuable advice that web content authors need to know.
  5. Why you need to test graphs and charts online, not just on paper.
  6. How to write text equivalents in two parts. It's easy when you know how!

How this course works

Audience: Editors, bloggers, web managers, web writers, accessibility consultants. 

Qualification: Short course: PDF Certificate when you pass the test. CPD credit: one hour.

Time and place: Distance learning. Start any time. Study online: your place, your pace.

Duration: About one hour's study. You can access this e-learning course for 60 days from the time you first log in.

Related courses: The Diploma in Web Content and the Diploma in Accessible Content include this e-learning course.

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