Course: Writing for search engines


Web writers and online publishers can strongly influence search results, for better or for worse.

This intriguing training course shows you how to write web pages that rank high in search results and attract the right audience. When you understand how search engines work, you know what to do. It’s all about high quality digital content and keywords.

Course contents

  1. How writers influence search engine results. The impact of words on search engine rankings.
  2. How to put keywords in key places, combining art and science.
  3. How to write a search engine page title—the title that appears on the search results page.
  4. How to give pages a special tune-up for search engines like Google. And how this important skill can make every business document you write easier to find and easier to read—not just web content.

How this course works

Audience: Bloggers, web writers, journalists.

Prerequisites: None, apart from a computer and internet access. No IT knowledge required.

Qualification: Short course: PDF Certificate when you pass the test. CPD credit: one hour.

Time and place: Distance learning: Start any time. Study online: your place, your pace.

Duration: About one hour's study. You can access this e-learning course for 60 days from the time you first log in.

Related courses: The Diploma in Web Content includes this e-learning course.

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Category: SEO Web writing

Type: Course

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