User experience design and user research services

User research, usability, user insight and UX design services for websites and apps in New Zealand and Australia

Contented specialises in bringing deep user insight into all aspects of solution design. Our research will give you confidence that your solution delivers meaningful, self-guided experiences to your audiences.

We are passionate about making websites, apps and digital content highly usable and accessible to all. We offer 10+ years of experience in user insight and user experience design for complex websites and mobile applications. We have created beautiful user interfaces for banks, government agencies and private companies in New Zealand and Australia.

Our speciality is applying user insight to the design process in practical ways. Our user research, based on qualitative and quantitative evidence, can inform all aspects of your design process – from interface design, navigation, search, procedures, forms, content, personas and language. 

Based in Wellington, our UX services include:

  • Analysing audiences, tasks and content priorities
  • Wireframing and prototyping for web, mobile and app design
  • User testing and iterative refinement of prototypes and beta/live sites
  • User testing of site structures, menus and language choices
  • Developing personas and mapping user journeys
  • Identifying common usage patterns
  • Advising on web and social analytics
  • Establishing analytics tracking and benchmarking 
  • Helping you make good decisions (strategy, design, content decisions) based on evidence
  • Making practical recommendations that can be implemented in phases
  • Advocating for users with technical teams.