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Our most popular qualification — 10 accredited online writing courses and textbook

Course overview    

Certification independently accredited by CPD Standards Office London UK 10 hours online writing courses Study on web content writing on your mobile or tablet or desktop computer Online writing courses with 100% money-back guarantee

Gain all the essential web content writing skills in 10 hours. Learn to write digital content that's usable, findable, readable, accessible, clear and correct.

This is our most popular web copywriting course, designed for busy professionals who need digital content writing skills at work — web writers, technical writers, digital marketers, content managers, content strategists, government workers, and copywriters.

 Kristina Halvorson, content strategist, Brain Traffic review: a must-have content writing resource for everyone who touches digital content.

You will learn

  • practical skills in web content writing and copywriting
  • how to attract online readers
  • modern plain English writing techniques
  • why writing for digital media differs from print
  • the mechanics of digital content and how search engines work
  • how to write for mobile devices
  • confidence to apply these technical writing skills to your work.

Top features 

  • Written by content specialists and expert trainers
  • Recognised CPD qualification to add to your professional credentials
  • Accredited by the CPD Standards Office, UK
  • Equivalent to a 2-day content writing class or workshop
  • Takeaway e-book by Rachel McAlpine and course materials
  • 100% money-back guarantee

 Karen McGrane, content strategist, Bond Art and Science, review: Rachel McAlpine's book will help you understand how digital content is fundamentally different from print media

Course curriculum: 10 online web writing courses

  1. Writing for online readers: understand how to communicate with readers who are uncomfortable, stressed, searching, and in a hurry.
  2. Writing web headlines: write web headlines that instantly work with people and search engines.
  3. Writing web page summaries: master 5 types of web summaries that get the message across.
  4. Writing useful hyperlinks: create links that people can instantly find, understand and use; learn what to write instead of Click Here.
  5. Using images and graphs online: make visual content accessible.
  6. Writing plain English 1: learn how to check the readability of your content, structure documents for clarity, and write concisely.
  7. Writing plain English 2: learn how to use clear words and sentences; avoid grammar mistakes.
  8. Editing web content: master a powerful 4-step content editing system, easy to remember and use. 
  9. Writing mobile content: understand how to write digital content that works on mobile phones.
  10. Writing for search engines: discover how content writers can improve search results and search engine rankings for web and intranet content.

Laura Edlund, freelance technical writer and content editor, Canada, Contented web writing course review: I will put the lessons learned into use immediately for both writing my own website and writing websites for clients.

Course details

Audience: You need these skills for jobs in business writing, communications, web content writing, online publishing, content marketing, public relations, technical writing, content management, digital marketing and government.

Prerequisites: None, apart from computer and internet access. No knowledge of IT or accessibility required.

Qualification: Professional development qualification, independently accredited by the CPD Standards Office UK: 10 credits for your CPD record. 

Time and place: Distance learning courses. Start any time within 12 months. Study online at your own pace.

Duration: You can access the online courses for 180 days from the time you first log in. Equivalent to 2-day professional workshop.

Assessment: 10 online tests.

Authors: Alice Hearnshaw and Rachel McAlpine, respected specialists in digital content, are the course authors. 

Suzanne Cooper Impress Communications Australia web content writing course review: It was fantastic. You certainly walk the talk. I have learnt some very useful digital communication concepts.

Online writing courses accredited by CPD Standards Office in UK for content writers in US, Australia, Canada Content writing courses with 100% money back guarantee for online learners in UK, USA, New Zealand 

About the content writing textbook

Write Me a Web Page, Elsie! by Rachel McAlpine has been a popular university text around the world. This textbook covers everything web content writers and web copywriters need to know, from structure and language to academic content and social media content marketing. Comprehensive and thorough — and a very entertaining read.

Dr Polly Kobeleva, Lecturer in Communication, Open Polytechnic of New Zealand review about web content writing book: If you need web content writing skills right here right now, this web content book is for you.


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