Course: Using keywords


Keywords help people classify, find and communicate information.

This enlightening training course explains what keywords are, and why they are so important in everything you write. You will learn how to use keywords strategically, exploiting their power for instant communication, online marketing and better search results.

Course contents

  1. What keywords are, where they are and what they do.
  2. How keywords work in search engines to categorize and rank web pages. The relative merits of longer and shorter keywords, and how long-tail keywords work.
  3. How to choose keywords for your websites.
  4. How to use keywords in your web and intranet content.
  5. How to use keywords in other useful places. The right keywords in the right spots can improve your search engine rankings and the findability of your online content.

How this course works

Audience: Digital content publishers, bloggers, web writers, intranet authors, website owners, and anyone who wants their content to rank better with search engines like Google.

Qualification: Short course: PDF Certificate when you pass the test.CPD credit: one hour.

Time and place: Distance learning. Start any time. Study online: your place, your pace.

Duration: About one hour's study. You can access this e-learning course for 60 days from the time you first log in.

Related courses: The Diploma in Accessible Content includes this e-learning course.

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