FAQs about Contented business writing books and courses


FAQs about Contented writing courses

What's the difference between a Contented course, a certificate and a diploma?

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How do I get my course login?

If you buy from the Contented.com website, you will get login instructions shortly after purchase. If you pay by invoice or Internet banking, you will get login instructions within 24 hours of receipt of payment (on business days).

Do I have to start my online study straight away?

From the time you pay for your courses, you have 12 months to start your study.

How much time do I have to complete my online study?

Once you set up your login, the clock starts ticking: 60 days for a single course, 3 months for a Certificate and 6 months for a Diploma. (These time periods apply from November 2013).

Do I get written materials with a course?

Diplomas include takeaway checklists covering essential information. The Writing Business Reports course includes a sample report and a quality assurance tool, which graduates can take away.

We also offer course + ebook training packages, and our ebooks are designed to work with our courses.

Do I have to complete written course assignments?

Our e-learning courses include a self-paced online test, but no assignments.

Are the e-learning courses certified?

Our courses have an international audience so local accreditation does not apply. 

We provide professional development training rather than a university course. Our quick, practical training is aimed at people without much time but with an urgent need for certain knowledge and practical skills.

(By contrast, a university diploma usually requires much theory, reading, assignments, and at least one semester of full time study.)

Will I get a certificate?

We provide a PDF certificate if you pass any of our courses with a mark of 70% or more. 


FAQs about Contented writing books

How do I get an ebook?

If you buy from the Contented.com website, we will email you a download link to your ebook, which is active for 2 days. After downloading a Contented ebook, you have unlimited access to it.

Can I buy a hardcopy book? 

We only offer hardcopy books for very large orders. For small orders, we recommend that you print and bind your Contented ebook if you want a hardcopy.

Are the ebooks up-to-date?

All three ebooks were revised in October 2013.

How do I order a large number of books for staff training?

For large orders, we offer hardcopy books and/or electronic copies. You can deploy ebooks on your intranet or network if this is the best solution for you.


FAQs about payment and terms

How much do Contented business writing courses and books cost?

See our prices in New Zealand dollars and US dollars

Do I have to pay online by credit card?

Our online shop transacts credit card and PayPal payments in US dollars. We can provide quotes and invoices in most major currencies, and you can pay by the most convenient method. Online payment gives you immediate access to purchased items.

What terms and conditions apply to Contented courses?

Read Contented’s standard terms and conditions for all learners

Do you provide a money-back guarantee?

All our courses come with a money-back guarantee


FAQS about technical stuff

What if I encounter a technical problem?

All our training packages come with free email technical support. We aim to respond within a few hours, depending on your location.

Contact technical support by email

What browsers and platforms work with your courses?

Contented online writing courses should work on all modern browsers and on both Mac and PC computers with Internet access. The courses require Flash Player so need a plug-in to work on an iPad or iPhone. We are currently developing iPad-friendly courses.

Why did I not receive a course login email?

Some organizations have rigorous filters that block our system-generated emails. We suggest you white-list all emails from @contented.com and @msg.firmwater.com and @firmwater.com. 


FAQs about Contented staff group training

How do I order training for a group?

You can order online for a group of up to 4 people. For larger groups, we give group discounts. Please contact us directly for group purchases of 5 or more people. We can provide quotes and invoices in most major currencies.

How do I manage training for a group?

If you order for a group, we will send an email to the group manager. The group manager then sends email invites to learners, and they log themselves in.

Training tips for managers

Can we host your courses on our inhouse learning management system?

Yes, we can organise this for group licences of 50+ people. There is a 3-year minimum contract term, and we charge a small annual administration fee.

Do you provide face-to-face training courses?

In New Zealand, we do provide live workshops on accessible content. And we can help you with your training design, integrating our online courses with social learning assistance.


FAQs about Contented customers and learners

Who studies Contented courses and books?

Government and university staff comprisethe biggest number of Contented enrolments—staff who sit at a computer and write anything at all. Their reports, newsletters, online teaching and web pages need to meet WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards.

Communications professionals who want to make the leap from writing for print to web writing gain huge confidence from our courses and books. Journalists, comms managers and comms staff all appreciate our courses and books on writing in a digital workplace.

Web and intranet content managers support intranet and web project roll-outs by training all their content authors to write for the Web with Contented. Your executive strategy may call for a quality website or intranet, but staff can only deliver this if they know what they are doing—so give them Contented training! Content strategists also benefit from our courses.

HR managers order our courses and books for staff induction, career development, and employee work-readiness.

Professionals in every field update their writing skills and gain professional development points with our courses. Several thousand accountants each year use Business Writing Plus when undergoing the chartered accountancy training programme in New Zealand and Australia.

Entrepreneurial people who love writing and want flexible self-employment love our courses. A significant number of our graduates have built a communications, editing, or web copywriting business based on the skills they gained with Contented.

Job-seekers report getting jobs ahead of other uni grads and job-hunters because their CVs included Contented qualifications. Digital content writing skills are seen as essential in a modern workplace.

How many people have studied with Contented?

Over 5000 people have enrolled in our courses from 30+ countries. Most of our students come from Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the United States, Canada and Europe.

What is the learner completion rate of the Contented e-learning courses?

Our e-learning completion rate is exceptionally high at 96%.


FAQs about Contented Enterprises Ltd

How long has Contented been operating?

Contented.com was established in 2006, and we were operating as a training provider under another name before that.

Who wrote the Contented distance learning writing courses and ebooks?

Rachel McAlpine writes most of the Contented courses and books. Rachel has specialised in web writing and online digital content since the late '90s. She has written over 30 books and has spoken at events in New Zealand, Australia, India, Japan, China, Cambodia and Canada.