Content services: content strategy, content design, user insight and accessibility audits

Look no further for premier web content services. We have been working with online content since the late nineties. We can help you make your web content transparent, powerful, useful and accessible to all. That's what we do.

Clients all over the world use our services. Contented is a supplier on the New Zealand Government Web Services Panel for content design, user insight, web accessibility and technical writing services.

Content strategy

Every significant web project needs a content strategy for how to get quality content ready for go-live. We can help you with any aspect of your content strategy from content analysis and requirements, content design, standards definition and metadata modelling, to planning the writing and publishing phases, and post-production.

Content coaching

Have you got a content challenge that is vexing you or slowing down your content project? Whatever your content challenge or goal — wherever you are in the world — we would love to be your sounding board. 

Available for hire by the hour, our expert coaches can brainstorm and help solve all sorts of content issues such as unstable menu structures, motivating writers, defining content scope, content planning and tracking, metadata and keywords, workflow and template design, legacy PDFs, and much much more.

Information architecture

We design intuitive information architectures for websites of all sizes, and test that they work for your audiences. We have a clever knack for carving content into manageable topics, structuring these topics into natural groupings, and labelling menu items effectively.

User experience design and user research

We are passionate about making websites, apps and web content usable and accessible to all. We offer over 13 years’ practical experience in user research, user testing and UX design for simple and complex web and mobile applications. We have created beautiful user interfaces for banks, government agencies and the private sector.

Web accessibility services

Web technical writing services

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