Course: Writing for online readers


Reading web content presents some particular challenges. If you know those challenges, you'll know what sort of content to write.

Meet your online readers. They are stressed, impatient and skeptical. They are looking for information and they want to take action. They may be reading your words (or listening to them) on a mobile phone.

This introductory training course shows clearly why you need special skills when writing digital content for websites and intranets.

Course contents

  1. How to write for readers under pressure: stressed, impatient, skeptical and disoriented.
  2. How to edit web content for selective, active readers
  3. How to edit web content for all readers, regardless of their computer set-up.
  4. How to edit web content for readers with different physical abilities.

How this course works

Audience: You, if your job includes writing. Digital content publishers, web writers, content strategists, journalists, all professionals.

Qualification: Short course: PDF Certificate when you pass the test. CPD credit: one hour.

Prerequisites: None, apart from a computer and internet access. No IT knowledge required.

Time and place: Distance learning: Start any time. Study online: your place, your pace.

Duration: About one hour's study. You can access this e-learning course for 60 days from the time you first log in.

Related courses: The Diploma in Web Content and the Diploma in Accessible Content include this e-learning course.

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