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Blog: Content that makes you happy

User testing your web content leads to happiness

November 12, 2015

At UXNZ, Lou Rosenfeld spoke about user testing his books Last month, I had the pleasure of attending the UX New Zealand 2015 Conference in Wellington. It was great to be in a room of like-minded people, who place real customers at the centre of their thinking and approach to work. At the Conference, it was clear that UX professionals are disproportionately happy in their work. One of the Conference highlights for me was the opening speech by legend US information architect and publisher, Lou Rosenfeld. He talked about how he came up with the design and layout for the books his company publishes. Quite simply, he took his books out and tested them with real people. He wanted to learn...

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Grammar: If I were the only editor in the world

November 04, 2015

Hey Rachel, I really found your list helpful. However, one culprit needs to be exposed. Was-were. The only thing I remember learning as a clue was: 'if' demands a 'were'. Could you comment on the rules? Thanks, PeruSuz - - - - - - - -  Hi PeruSuz Good to hear from you with this classic question.  Old grammar rules stick in our minds like chewing gum in the hair. The rule you remember is no longer a rule (perhaps it never was) but a choice. I tend to use ‘were’ out of habit myself, but 'was' is now more than acceptable—it’s the norm. The Style Manual (Commonwealth of Australia 2002 edition) explains a logical flaw in the original rule, and says: In...

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