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Blog: Content that makes you happy

How to understand a bad communicator: active listening

April 16, 2015

It takes two to communicate! How do you work with people whose communications are incomprehensible? Maybe they send you cryptic emails ... smother you with gobbledegook ... expect you to read their minds ... give you mixed messages ... confuse opinion with fact ...  Whatever the cause, you just don't understand what they mean. And whatever their communication crimes, the solution is the same: active listening. That's much more than just absorbing the words they utter. It means playing an active part in the communication, taking the lead so that you get the information you need. 1. Pay close attention: the message may be buried somewhere in a grunt or a raised eyebrow or a P.S. 2. Prompt them for clarification. So what do you need me to do right now?...

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With regards to a grammar question

March 17, 2015

Man says "With regards to", thinks "What will I say?" Hello, can you help me with a grammar question? What is the difference between: With regards to beauty, attitude is more important than appearance and  A beautiful attitude is more important than a beautiful appearance.

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