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Stuck on grammar? Dismantle the old sentence, create a new one

Grammar quandary. Dear Rachel, What is the right word to follow the verb ensure, e.g. he ensures the quality of his products... — what comes next: by using? through using? or simply using? 

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Global English is the foreign language that most technical writers need

Global English for Global Business by Rachel McAlpine

Learning Global English is more use to most technical writers than learning a Foreign Language. And easier!

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Ebook cover design and why I love (some) invoices

Invoice from a sister for ebook cover design

Doing business with my sister Lesley Evans is a rather special experience.

Recently she kindly agreed to do illustrations for three of my novels: they will be needed when I reformat my backlist as ebooks and publish them on Kindle.

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Self-to-self talk after mind-spa Webstock 2014

Webstock 2014 notebook.
Webstock 2014 was, as usual, a big buzz. Even so, it's just a conference, right? Does buzz alone justify a comparatively big spend? OK, as a mere conference, Webstock is seriously sexy.

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Writing tip: Mobile is your chance to fix web content

Segway tour: the world goes mobile.
The world has already gone mobile. Sooner or later your organisation will redesign its websites and intranets accordingly.
Everyone knows this, and the best way to prepare for the inevitable is to scour all irrelevant, superfluous and outdated content from your websites and restore the remainder to good health.

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How content strategy got hijacked by content marketing

A funny thing happened on the way to establishing content strategy as a legitimate career path and professional role: the phrase got hijacked by content marketers...

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December 12, 2013


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Grammar tip: 'Your' or 'You're'? Instagram cartoon.

Which word, your or you're?
 We could (and we often do) explain the difference between 'you're' with an apostrophe and 'your' without an apostrophe. Many, many people trip up on this pair of similar words. If that includes you, each time you waste a few seconds thinking about it. Or looking it up. Or using a grammar check, and wondering whether to trust it.

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