New Google AdWords policies: plain language heaven

We got a great message from Google AdWords today. (How can that be? I hear you say.)

 It was clear. It was simple. And it was all about being clear and simple. It applies to new policies that will be launched around September of this year. They say:

Here's what you can expect: 
  • fewer and simpler AdWords policies
  • more transparency into why we have each policy
  • more insight into how a policy can affect your ads

 That’s nice, I thought.

 The link goes to a single page with bookmarks at the top, extremely clear structure, and succinct text that is a model of clarity.

 Clear concise new Google Adwords policies

They talk about making AdWords policies “more user-friendly, accessible and engaging for both advertisers and users”.

 But you can bet your bottom dollar that they will also be legally watertight. Google is doubtless crawling with top legal experts, and there is not a trace of legalese — not a heretofore, a notwithstanding, a duly executed or a BLOCK OF ALL-CAPS in sight.

The soon-to-be Google Adwords policy page

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