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Contented provides online training in digital communication skills and business writing skills. Course topics include business writing, report writing, plain English, web writing, SEO copywriting, writing blogs and e-newsletters, and social media.

Who trains with us?

Three types of people commonly register for our online training:

1) Web and comms managers, who sign up a group of staff writers
This is you if you know content never gets better if it's written by untrained staff. You know content is king. You are tired of your website or intranet getting bigger, not better. You want your site to deliver real value to your executive and your customers.

2) HR managers, who sign up employees
This is you if you recognize digital writing skills are essential 21st Century skills for all employees, who write at work. You know that all business content is now digital content, and must be findable and usable online and on the company network.

3) Web writers, technical writers, freelancers and people in corp comms
This is you if you want a strong career and income from professional business writing. You want top-notch digital writing skills, SEO copywriting skills and plain English skills, so you can confidently create high-performing websites, blogs, e-newsletters, and social content.

What kind of training do we offer?

How do our certificates and diploma courses compare?

Certificates Diplomas
5 courses & tests 10 courses & tests
= 1 day workshop = 2 day workshop
USD $135 for 1 person USD $230 for 1 person
Group discounts apply Group discounts apply
12 months to start 12 months to start
3 months' access from your start date 6 months' access from your start date
Accredited certificate Accredited certificate

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