Everyone benefits from Contented business and web writing training

Organizations, managers and individuals: all benefit from Contented online courses in business communication and digital writing skills. The rewards are much broader than simply better writing! 

Organization benefits: better return on your ICT investment

  1. Search engines and your CMS work better: your business documents will be found by staff and the public.
  2. When you educate enough employees, business communication skills in your organization reach a tipping point: documentation improves out of sight!
  3. Trained staff have a common understanding of clear communication. Business documents meet your standards of clarity and correctness.
  4. Better productivity and customer satisfaction; fewer customer errors and complaints.
  5. Less demand on call centres and fewer external copywriters required.
  6. Correctly edited web content can double the usability of your web sites.
  7. More qualified staff: accredited CPD writing training for professional staff.

Managers benefit: convenience, economy, efficiency

  1. No stress matching training dates with roll-out dates. Scalable on-demand training. No staff absences to attend workshops. Minimum planning and administration.
  2. No pressure: you have 12 months to select a group of learners.
  3. Standardize training of new graduate staff and get them work-ready in business communication skills.
  4. Extremely cost-effective, with no extra costs such as venue hire or training materials.
  5. Track progress of learners with user-friendly reports.

Individuals benefit: skills, confidence and career development

  1. Do the training whenever, wherever it suits you. Convenient, self-paced, self-tested training.
  2. All your business documents will be clearer and suitable for publication on the Web or on paper.
  3. A fast way to acquire new skills that you can apply straight away.
  4. Career development: our courses will bring you confidence, interesting new career opportunities and new sources of income.
  5. Easy, convenient way to earn CPD hours and keep on top of your profession's CPD requirements. 

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