Secret Society of Intranet Leaders

ilf.jpg The Intranet Leadership Forum launched in New Zealand last Friday at the Reserve Bank in Wellington. Catherine Grenfell of StepTwo Designs introduced the concept to a full audience, and showed us a whole bunch of innovations.

There are certainly best practices in intranets, but the emphasis was on ingenious and original developments.

For example, one company used an intranet for organisational change at a time of desperate need, starting with managers. Not just explaining organisational change but making it happen... visibly, under the very noses of all staff. Can't say more. Confidentiality is a given in such a group.

I think everyone present grabbed at least one idea they could initiate on their own intranet. Some seem ever so obvious - after you have seen someone else do it. For example, one organisation made it extremely easy for staff to change their own directory details and urged them to do so: uptake was predictably high. Wiki technology was born for this.

A big success in Australia, the Intranet Leadership Forum is sure to take off in New Zealand. How could you lose? In a nutshell:

By joining the Forum you will have access to real-life solutions for your organisation’s intranet issues from peers who have already found the answers, saving your organisation time and money.

Unlike web development, intranet development happens behind closed doors. A community of peers is a blessing in such a profession. Anyway, that's what I think!

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