Your daily dose of mouse

maxpc246x184.jpg How long do you think you actually work at the computer every day?
[ ] 8-9 hours?
[ ] 7-8 hours?
[ ] 5-6 hours?
[ ] 4-5 hours?
[ ] 3-4 hours?
[ ] 1-2 hours?
Wrong! I mean, chances are that you overestimated the amount of time you spend clicking mouse and tapping keys.

Christchurch-based software developer Wellnomics Ltd monitored nearly 50,000 computer users across 95 organisations in Europe, North America and Australasia. They used odometer software installed in computers to record keystrokes, mouse clicks and time at the computer. They found most self reports are wildly inaccurate.

"Our data indicates that, on average, workers use their computers just 12.4 hours per week or 2.4 hours per day over a five day working week," [Wellnomics managing director Dr Kevin] Taylor says.

Only 12 percent of users had average computing use exceeding 20 hours per week, with less than one percent exceeding 30 hours per week.

One implication: the safe limit for computer use just dropped steeply.

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