Welcome home gift

Just home from Bangl*desh, going through accumulated emails I found this gift:

Many thanks for your highly enlightening book "Better business Writing on the Web" which is now a set text with the Open Polytechnic.

So far I have found this book to be a bloody good read, let alone the highly useful nature of the content of the book. As an IT person, I can build web sites, I can describe how web sites work, yet the thought of content of a web site leaves me in a cold shiver running down my back!

Once again - Many Thanks!

Rob Smith of NavmanWireless.com topped that with a poem that he said should "probably be shot and put down". Never! Thanks Rob for easing me back into the blog after my visit to another world.

the missing link that this book provides,
is self explanatory if you read inside,

to seek, to find, to look in awe
there a great deal more inside if you dare to explore!

once you’ve explored, the knowledge you gained
can help you explain some future tasks in store

and now you can explain it all, no long a student you shall be,
but another path lies in your destiny

but never stop seeking knowledge and truth,
these will provide you with tools to use,
to shape create and further explore!

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