Obama Girl pushes the polls

Hillary vs. Barack: Who had the smartest media strategy? asks Antony Young on the Advertising Age. Fascinating analysis.
The verdict:

Obama wins overall. His campaign's ability to create personal relationships via mass-marketing techniques characterized his media strategy. The employment of digital media channels -- notably his website, use of social media and e-mail marketing -- helped gain younger voter support and proved effective in fundraising, a critical factor in sustaining a heavy marketing effort. His early strategy to build his brand, and later deliver a more targeted broadcast media schedule that was supported by on-the-ground events and one to one media programs, helped him to build momentum in Iowa and allowed him to launch his campaign as a viable contender. Clinton's campaign was very effective in adjusting its strategies, and dollar-for-dollar outperformed Obama in traditional broadcast.

If you haven't seen the Obama Girl episodes on YouTube, look and laugh.

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