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Many community organisations have monstrous problems getting a web site at all, let alone one that meets their needs. Any web site running on volunteers has a bundle of problems, starting with a chronic lack of time and money. Yet the Web today can expand the work they do and save them a heap of their precious money: but who cares to help this kind of group under stress?

Answer: Wellington ICT, a not-for-profit Trust providing ICT programmes and projects for community groups in the Wellington region.

Engage Your Community is a web conference for community organisations in Wellington, 4 September.

This follows a similar conference in Hamilton which was highly successful. By all accounts, community workers will gorge on knowledge and leave inspired. Minimal technical knowledge is needed. Workshops:

  • David Barrow on online survey tools
  • Mike Riversdale on the marvels of Google applications
  • Ben Lampard on online calendaring and scheduling
  • Miraz Jordan on how to control the information flood with RSS feeds
  • Pamela Minnett on social networking
  • Stephen Harlow on digital storytelling

And while we're on the topic, the Webguide partnership offers:

  • Webguide blog with articles in plain English
  • Connect your Community, a guide to setting up a community web site, available in hard copy and as a pdf.

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