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how to be a famous blogger

How fraightfully ironic. The reason I haven't blogged for two weeks and two days is that I've been absorbed in... writing a course about blogging.

But that's no excuse. Maybe I got self-conscious.

There was me, weighing up all the tips advice ideas policies dos and don'ts of blogging, the ones in my own head and the ones on the Web. What makes me so hot/not, I was forced to wonder. Am I practising what I preach? Is this do as I say not do as I do?

Luckily I deduced that many fine blogs break any rules they fancy. I did indeed produce some enormously stunningly brilliantly useful tips and guidelines (cough cough). That said, the great blogs are true originals.

I fight the urge to produce the world's 10,000th list of great blogs of the world. I know I'll never read half the entries of the ones I love:

People who blog way too much - Unqualified Offerings
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