How to get exclusive news stories: retweetable tweets

On Twitter, the very latest unique news is highly desirable content. This kind of content is frequently retweeted. But if you are not a news agency or journalist, how do you find these exclusive stories? Keep your eyes and ears open!

Yesterday on Twitter Craig Thomier reported two snippets of news that together were new and astounding. (Well, I think so.)

So, in a group of 250 Queensland public servants, Craig says:

  • 20% are on Twitter
  • 98% are on Facebook.

The big thing is to recognize when something is brand new news, and more important, news that's interesting to your own readers. Craig didn't let these stats flow past him into the ether: he tweeted.

More and more often we're getting enquiries about Facebook and Twitter from government employees and teachers. They want to know how to use social media to communicate with colleagues, students or the public.

We are paddling as fast as we can! We concentrate on teaching what content writers need to know, whether the words they write are destined for a web site, intranet, or content management system.

  1. Strategic blogging course: already up and running
  2. Tweet for victory, a course on microblogging, is being developed right now—won't be long!
  3. Focus on Facebook: this course is already bubbling away on a mindmap.


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