4 scholarships | 4 ways to study Contented courses during the Covid crisis

Learning a new skill is the ultimate gift to yourself — especially if it generates new sources of income.

When you feel stuck or uncertain about your future, training grows your options and gets you moving again.

Online learning is the perfect activity if you're living in lockdown or working from home. Writing is too.

So we have come up with four ways to make it easier for you to study Contented writing courses during the Covid-19 pandemic.

  1. Four free scholarships: free access to our courses
  2. Reactivate your old Contented login
  3. Get 44% off any course
  4. Access our courses on your LMS

    1. Four free scholarships 

    We are delighted to fund 4 scholarships to study 20+ Contented courses and 3 e-books.

    You can nominate yourself, friends, family or anyone!

    To be eligible, the nominee must:

    1. not have signed up before
    2. complete their study before July 31.
    To apply, email:
    1. the nominee's name and contact details
    2. why they should get a scholarship in 4 sentences.

    Nominations close 20 April 2020. We will email the successful recipients.


    2. Reactivate your old Contented login (offer expires 3 May)

    Rachel and I opened Contented's doors in 2006.

    If you are one of the 14,000 people who have trained with us, you can reactivate your personal login for US$27.

    Pay online to reactivate your old login

    In the Special Instructions field (on the shopping cart page), add your original registration details if you can:

    1. student name 
    2. email address
    3. company name
    4. the year.

    We’ll do our best to track down your original login and make it active for the rest of 2020.


    3. Get 44% off any course (offer expires 3 May)

    Use this discount code at checkout for 44% off any course:


    We will donate 4% of these course sales to the WHO’s Covid Response Fund:


    4. Access our courses on your LMS

    We can deliver any or all of our 20+ courses on your staff learning management system.

    We simply email a zip file to your LMS or IT team to upload to your LMS.

    The upfront cost is US$840 per annum (NZ$1200 + GST).

    PLUS US$14 per single course registration (NZ$20 + GST).

    Contact us if you’re interested in course delivery on your LMS

    Study online writing courses with distance learning from home during the Covid-19 pandemic