About CPD in communication skills

CPD accredited CPD provider

Clear, persuasive writing is crucial for all professionals, and every year new skills are required. The following Contented training programmes have been fully accredited by the CPD Standards Office in London:

CPD cycle: Planning, Action, Evaluation, Reflection.

Professionals need CPD hours to maintain qualifications

CPD is relevant, systematic, structured learning that professionals undertake throughout their careers to ensure that they maintain, update and increase their knowledge and skills.

CPD is required whether you're a registered teacher, lawyer, engineer, dentist, accountant, journalist, health worker or plumber — whether you work in HR, marketing, banking, insurance, conservation, IT, or virtually any other profession. 

Maintaining your CPD record

As a professional, you are expected to keep a record of your self-directed learning and development year by year. This record is available for inspection by your registration body.

Note what you learned, why, when, and from what provider; and how many hours were entailed. Record both the facts but your reflections and planning. A brief guide follows for those who don't use a template.

Before you begin a CPD course

Before you start a Contented course, answer these questions in your CPD record.

  1. What do I want to learn? What are my learning objectives?
  2. What course am I going to study?
  3. Who is the provider? (Contented Enterprises Ltd.)
  4. How many hours will I spend? (Our accredited programmes require 5 or 10 hours study.)
  5. How will I use this knowledge or skill in my work?

Reviewing your CPD course

After finishing a Contented course, answer these questions in your CPD record.

  1. Did I achieve my learning objectives, and how?
  2. Did I learn something beyond my objectives?
  3. How will I use this knowledge or skill in my work?
  4. What should I learn next? 

Any questions about CPD? Contact Rachel or Alice.