How groups use the Contented learning system

Group managers log in to the Contented learning system to assign courses to learners and track progress.

To assign a new course or book to a learner:

  1. Go to the Admin menu.
  2. Find the course or book you wish to assign.
  3. Click on Add participants.
  4. Enter the email address of the learner.
    (You can enter multiple addresses at once. Press enter after each email address.)
  5. Add a personal message if you wish.
  6. Choose 'no due date'.
    This means learner access will be for our standard time limits (see below). 
  7. Click Send Invitation to send the email.

Each time a learner wants to study another course or book, you need to repeat the above steps. Every time you assign a course or book, we send an email to the learner.

If you have purchased an annual subscription to all Contented courses, you need to assign each certificate one at a time to a learner over the course of a year.

If you assign a course or book to yourself as group manager, you don't get an email: the training resources will display in your training plan.

Time limits, technical support, terms of use, and reports