Writing tip: Mobile is your chance to fix web content

Segway tour: the world goes mobile.The world has already gone mobile. Sooner or later your organisation will redesign its websites and intranets accordingly.

Everyone knows this, and the best way to prepare for the inevitable is to scour all irrelevant, superfluous and outdated content from your websites and restore the remainder to good health.

Then — when the design team gets cracking — you'll be ready!

This is a precious opportunity to train all professional staff to write well. Why not grab it? You can raise the standard of writing throughout the organisation while you get a jump-start on becoming mobile-ready.

You've been trying to get a budget for communication training for months or years, but nobody would listen.

But right now, at this historic moment, if you utter the magic phrase "mobile content" you may find a more receptive ear and even a budget for training all staff who write for the web or intranet. And let's face it, nowadays that is a large proportion of your staff.

Photo by Transit Nerds, creative commons licence

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