Ebook cover design and why I love (some) invoices

Doing business with my sister Lesley Evans is a rather special experience.

Recently she kindly agreed to do illustrations for three of my novels: they will be needed when I finally get around to reformatting my backlist as ebooks and publishing them on Kindle.

Now, three illustrations turned out to be quite a big ask.

  1. First Lesley re-read the three novels and selected three memorable scenes. 
  2. Then she created the illustrations one by one.
  3. Then she scanned the illustration for Humming. (Too small.)
  4. Got her son to scan it again. (OK.)
  5. Then she scanned the illustration for Farewell Speech. (Too small.) And again and again. (Still too small.)
  6. Then she took the Farewell Speech illustration to a scan-shop and paid to have it scanned.
  7. Then she bypassed all the stress and sent the Limits of Green illustration to me by mail, and it was too big for my machine, so I had it scanned.

After this circus, Richard Parkin incorporated the illustrations into three terrific ebook covers, and sent me his perfectly reasonable invoice. Which I paid the same day: Alice and I are always delighted with his work.

I asked Lesley for her invoice, and she sent it by post. It's on my whiteboard, beaming benevolence and equanimity.

Invoice from a sister for ebook cover illustration

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