The unforgettable DARE conference: people skills for digital workers

DARE conference people skills for digital workers

My report on the DARE conference 2014 in London was going to happen as soon as the final batch of videos was posted. Here they are now:

Watch at your leisure: 10 videos of DAREconf speakers

As a speaker, I was bound to take a biased view. Fortunately, Matt Andrews has posted a comprehensive review on the Guardian digital developers' blog. As an observer, he highlights what was so special about this conference.

Matt Andrews reviews DARE conference 2014

All I can add is my personal experience as a speaker.

Preparing to speak is usually (for me) intense, interesting, demanding—and all those demands come from inside my own head.

But for DARE, we were given a framework, a schedule, a mutual support team and a process to work through. Whoever heard of such a thing!

This revolutionary approach proved to be not constraining but liberating. I learned a great deal on all fronts, not least about myself. I had the privilege of working with four amazing people — Jonathan Kahn, Roz Duffy, Keri Maijala and Jasmine Probst — and to spend a little time with many others.

An unforgettable conference for many reasons. 


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