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How do you write useful survey questions? Good question!

Senior person conducting street survey. Noah KazisWhat is a useful survey question? Without any context, that's a meaningless question. You can't just click your fingers and
produce the perfect questionnaire. As always, a writing process is involved, step by step.

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The unforgettable DARE conference: people skills for digital workers

DARE conference 2014 logo: people skills for digital workersMy report on the DARE conference 2014 in London was going to happen as soon as the final batch of videos was posted. Here they are now:

Watch at your leisure: 10 videos of DAREconf speakers

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Dare (conference) by name, dare by nature

I'm packed ... ish. Leaving tomorrow, with the DARE conference 2014 in London my first destination. Don't those bags look neat? It's an illusion. 

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Don’t talk about plain language at work

Not plain language.The phrase
plain language (or plain English) is not plain language. The meaning of this phrase is masked and mysterious, known only to editors, content strategists, technical writers and other specialists.

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The magical alphabet of OCR: a trap for authors and proofreaders

OCR software mistakes symbols. Computer reading.Optical character recognition (OCR) is a blessing for publishers and authors, converting an image of text into a document, for example in Word. Magic! A lost manuscript restored from hard copy!

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Q & A from STC India technical communicators

Map of India. TravelInfo, Creative Commons A-SAQ & A: Indian technical communicators in India asked these questions after my webinar on  How to write clear, translatable English for a global audience.

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Global English is the foreign language that most technical writers need

Global English for Global Business by Rachel McAlpine

Learning Global English is more use to most technical writers than learning a Foreign Language. And easier!

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