Contented CPD programmes now accredited by CPD Standards Office

We've been accredited by the independent CPD Standards Office in London for four of our online programmes! You'll see their logo on our web site in relevant places, like right here:

CPD Standards Office, London: accredited provider

The process was tough, involving rigorous examination of our programmes from both instructional design and continuing professional development perspectives.

And that was good: we tightened up and smartened up. (I refuse to say we "manned up".)

What's your profession? Teacher, lawyer, doctor, dentist, accountant, IT practitioner, health worker, minister of religion, plumber? Everyone needs communication skills. We can help you right now with your CPD:

  • If you need CPD hours for your learning and development
  • If you need to communicate clearly at work
  • If you need to update your business writing skills
  • If your knowledge of content accessibility needs updating
  • If your organisation is looking for some accredited communication CPD programmes.

Go straight to one of our accredited CPD programmes — you can start tomorrow!

  1. Diploma in Web Content (10 hours accredited CPD)
  2. Certificate in Business Writing (5 hours accredited CPD)
  3. Certificate in Social Media Writing (5 hours accredited CPD)
  4. Certificate in Accessible Content (5 hours accredited CPD).

We'd love to hear from you about this, but please email us: we've disabled comments on our blog because of an avalanche of spam. 

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