Web accessibility: deadline for self-assessment January 2015


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Accessibility deadlines coming up soon! They apply to all Public Service departments and Non-Public Service departments in the NZ State Services.

DIA expects each department to assess the accessibility of all its websites and intranets by January 2015. Whew! How are you doing? Are you on track?

Next step: compliance

An accurate self-assessment will show whether your websites pass or fail each success criterion of the New Zealand Government Web Accessibility Standard.

But assessment is just the first step.

The goal is compliance: passing all success criteria. By June 2015, any accessibility failures need to be fixed, and your top 25% most visited web pages delivering core information or services must conform to the Web Accessibility Standard. That’s a big ask, and it’s urgent.

Unique offering of audit plus actual code fixes

  • We test with specialist technology such as voice synthesizers, screenreaders and magnification software.
  • We deliver both the self-assessment spreadsheet and a detailed plain English report.
  • We include copy-and-paste code to fix both template-level and page-specific accessibility problems.
  • We back up our audit with author training to stop your contributors from providing more inaccessible content.

We are your go-to team for accessibility

Most agencies need expert help to assess the more technical success criteria. We can answer your questions, do the tricky parts of self-assessment or the whole assessment, and help you solve the problems an audit reveals.

  • All our accessibility consultants have 10+ years’ relevant accessibility experience.
  • We are on the Common Web Services Panel for web accessibility.
  • We’ve done audits for the DIA, MOH, the Office of Ombudsman, and Otago University.
  • We helped the DIA write its user guide on the Accessibility Standard.

So call us!

We can help you make your web content accessible to all and pass the New Zealand Web Accessibility Standard. That's what we do.

Clients all over the world use our services. 
Call Alice today.

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