Happy New Year, everyone!

Happy New Year of the Sheep, 2015

There's a lot to be said for a nice calm year. And for sheep.

If Martians study the Web of planet Earth, they probably conclude that all earthlings are straining and striving and working and worrying every minute of every day over business and careers. So many problems! Such endless competition! 

Business must be constantly reinvented. Careers are always on the brink of failure. The goal is growth! expansion! winning! getting more of everything, especially money and stuff.

We all know that's not quite true. We figure most of you are like us: socialising with family and friends, relaxing in the weekends, enjoying silly hobbies, coping with the occasional setbacks and disasters — and thank goodness for that.

The sheep used to be an icon in New Zealand, famously outnumbering humans by 20:1. Relative numbers have plunged to 7:1 since the rise of the Kiwi Cow. However, we still love merino wool and some are partial to a nice lamb chop. Sheep are pretty placid and independent. They don't need their pastures irrigated, and what's more, they don't fart.  

Let's hear it for the Year of the Sheep.

PS By the way, we do know the Chinese New Year starts in February. But hey.

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