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Your intranet is being redeveloped. Everything is going OK except for the content, which is unsatisfactory, late or non-existent. You've trained content authors to use the new technology, but still go-live is delayed.

Now you discover that most staff have no idea what's required for web content. You've provided model content but they still don't get it. "Why?" they keep asking. "Why do we have to do it like that? Social marketing — that's not my job. Keywords? Customer-centric? Readability? Accessibility? What do you mean?"

OK, you decide to train your content authors. But hang on ... you can't fit them all into one training room. You can't get a venue or a trainer right now when you need them. Anyway, your budget didn't allow for multiple workshops. And hey, at this point you don't even know who will do all the writing: you'll be adding new writers for the next six months or more.

Meanwhile, money is gushing down the corporate drain, with nothing to show for it.

People are getting pretty grumpy, starting with the CEO.

Sound familiar?

You are our favourite client

We know from experience that we can help you easily and economically and immediately. Dozens of intranet teams have called on Contented to save the day.

Contact us for an intelligent solution to your content problem

You can train your authors in a few days, and enrol them when and where you need. Expect minimum admin, maximum improvement.

Result? Happy content authors. Happy CEO. Happy customers. Happy you!

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