8 freelancer websites where writers get work

Woman looking frustrated at her laptop: Train with Contented writing courses and earn more income from writing in this Covid-19 crisis

Put your writing skills to good use in this crisis

Did you know that writing online content is a fast way to earn extra income in this crisis?

While many projects and business models are stalling, online content projects continue to thrive.

Right now, organizations of all shapes and sizes are frantically moving their content online.

Skilled content writers are in demand.

If you have completed the Diploma in Web Content, you already have the essential skills for creating high-performing content online.

If your household is facing cashflow problems, as a graduate of the Diploma, you have an extra lifeline.

I know this because, our simple-to-follow Diploma has kick-started successful writing careers and new income streams for thousands of people, just like you.

If you’ve dreamed about making money from your writing, now is a good time to get going.

There are many freelancer websites, where you can create a freelancer profile and secure writing work from clients around the world.

These 8 international freelancer websites are a good place to start:

  1. iWriter.com
  2. Upwork.com
  3. TheWriterFinder.com
  4. Freelancer.com
  5. Guru.com
  6. FlexJobs.com
  7. People-Per-Hour
  8. Constant Content

Each site works differently. You have to be patient. But if you prove yourself, you'll quickly build a reputation and client loyalty.

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