Blogging in Fakaofo

Computer-talk figures in the imaginative games of Celia (10) and Max (7).

'This is Lizardcom and the old country is Lizardmania,' Celia quickly explains. Max's lizard is attacking Lizardcom in an army truck.

'Watch out! The upgrade has been cancelled and Sir Lord Scratch is no longer indestructible!' High drama. There's no sign that playing computer games has diminished their power to play old-fashioned hardware games. It's just expanded their vocabulary.

As the family is on its way to Tokelau for six months, I bullied Geoff and Rebecca into starting a blog. (You can lead a horse to water...) In fact I started one for them and commanded the family to watch while Celia wrote her first entry. Then she said, 'I already got a blog six months ago.' Oh? She had never written anything in it, but she remembered the password and name (yo2you) and sure enough, there it was. She's right: neither the why nor wherefore of blogging should need any justification or explanation, especially when you are about to travel to a remote tropical island with the improbable name of Fakaofo.

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