Flatonia, where all roads lead

Assuming your organisation is the centre of the universe is one of the most human, universal and deadly traps for content writers. The tagline for Flatonia illustrates that charmingly, I think. The town is in Texas, in the centre of a parallelogram formed by Austin, Houston, San Antonio and Victoria, so the claim is not entirely crazy... if you happen to be in Texas.

British government departments are particularly confident that they are the centre of the universe, if you judge by their logos. On site after site, no mention of the country. If you don't believe me, start clicking at random on sites listed in the A-Z of central government portal.

The Residential Property Tribunal Service is one example of a home page with no clue that this is a British government web site (apart from the .gov.uk URL): but you'll find hundreds of others.
By contrast, the words 'Australian Government' are a mandatory part of the logo of every Australian government site. These logos are definitely not cute, but they are appropriate and they tell us what country we are in. Good on the Aussies.
Flatonia, where all roads lead
A-Z of central government
Residential Property Tribunal Service

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