A marketer who understands Web 2.0

Big sectors of the marketing industry are determined to ignore all the implications of today's internet scene. Heads in the sand, they still create sites that are all sound and fury, signifying nothing - hype without facts, visions without detail. The Web is the world's greatest tool for comparison shopping, yet too many marketers still believe we will be seduced by assertions and ego-massages, and run straight to buy the product.

Not so with Michel Fortin, the Success Doctor. On his site is a free white paper, "Death of the Salesletter". Cunningly he explains the advantages of blogging as a marketing tool compared with the old model of a long, long salesletter, the one that won't let you go until it's told you every benefit and bonus, and answered your every objection.

A marketing blog can break down the structure into bite size sections and serve them up separately. The separate points of a salesletter stand alone, and readers can respond, get involved, and even assist the seller.

By contrast, the traditional long salesletter doesn't let you get a word in edgeways. Michel Fortin gets the web.

Michel Fortin

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