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"Gidday" is a category reserved for posts that are merely personal. Like today. I'm having a busy fortnight as Crows Feet Dance Collective builds up to its performances this weekend. I can't see the faintest connection between Crows Feet and "content that makes people happy", except for the overlap of making people happy. We're happy.

"Requiem" is a lovely new dance that our director Jan Bolwell has set to Karl Jenkins' stunning music, which mixes Japanese haiku with the traditional Latin text of a requiem.

In this picture we are all very happy with our new costumes. (A few still need hemming.) There are 6 grandmothers in our group, by the way. To be a Crows Foot you have to be a woman over 35, although guest performers are exempt. Sometimes they're men or young people or children. Haven't had any animals so far.

I suppose the nearest relevant analogy would be a tiny start-up company with no money that dares to create an absolutely stunning little web site with excellent content. Or a small country that behaves as if it thinks it is a large one — not looking at any one in particular, of course.

Every year we present a brand new programme. The style varies year by year from comical to contemplative. We have a kind of cult following.

Requiem, the 2007 concert

  • 4 performances at the Performing Arts Centre, Vivian Street, Wellington, NZ
  • Friday 7 Sept 8pm
  • Saturday 8 Sept 2pm & 6pm,
  • Sunday 9 Sept. at 4pm.

Book through Tiketek, 04 3843840. (Strongly recommended because of a narrow staircase, bad parking and the tendency of everyone to roll up on Sunday afternoon.)

Alice, the other half of Contented, also has a life. She has just returned from a fantastic holiday in Rarotonga.

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