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webstock-logo.png How do they do it? Get these fascinating speakers to come from the centre of the earth to our little corner, Wellington, New Zealand? I suspect wizards, elves or at the very least hobbits are working on the [tag]Webstock[/tag] team.

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Here's the lineup of speakers for February 2008, with a few items from their bios.
* Shawn Henry (W3C Web Accessibility Initiative, MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence)
* Simon Willison (Django Web Framework, OpenID, rapid application development...)
* Scott Berkun (The Art of Project Management and The Myths of Innovation)
* Amy Hoy ("A user interface nerd-designer-writer-educator, programmer-photographer-hyphenator extraordinaire")
* Peter Morville ("A founding father of information architecture")
* Heather Champ (On the Flickr team at Yahoo! as Community Manager.
* Derek Powazek (Named one of the top 40 Industry Influencers this year by Folio Magazine)
* Nat Torkington (Perl Cookbook, has chaired the O'Reilly Open Source Convention for over a decade. Ran the first web server in New Zealand.)
* Dan Cederholm (Bulletproof Web Design 2nd. Ed., Web Standards Solutions)
* Kelly Goto (Gotomedia, Web Redesign: Workflow that Works)
* Michael Lopp (Designs software and manages people at Apple, Managing Humans)
* Jill Whalen (Pioneer in search engine optimization, High Rankings)
* Russell Brown (NZ journalist, blogger, web entrepreneur and mediaphile. PublicAddress, HardNews.)
* Jason Santa Maria (Graphic designer, Happy Cog Studios, Art Director for A List Apart.)
* Rachel McAlpine (Yours truly)
* Sam Morgan (Founder of Trade Me, New Zealand's most successful Internet business. And that's just the start.)
* Tom Coates (Works for Yahoo Brickhouse, develops new concepts in social software, future media and the web of data.)
* Liz Danzico (Information architect, usability analyst, and editor. Rosenfeld Media, A Brief Message)
* Damien Conway (The mad scientist of Perl. Thoughtstream.)

What's the draw for these people? The novelty of visiting New Zealand and Webstock's reputation as a conference with a difference. A human difference.

Rachel McAlpine
Rachel McAlpine




September 16, 2007

Now I wonder what you mean…


October 17, 2007

That was totally the draw for me (the heavily hyphenated speaker above). Every interaction I’ve had with the Webstock organizers has been over-the-top awesome, not to mention Kathy Sierra’s praise from her blog over the last one…


October 17, 2007

Stop, Amy — I’m getting over-excited and there are still four months to wait. But it’s great to know that some of those missing hyphens are in safe hands.


September 13, 2007

Yes, you’re right. There is a hobbit on the team…. ;)

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