Joy of web and mobile sites


A couple of sites have caught my eye lately, reminding me of one of the great joys of the web: anyone with a passion or a talent or an obsessive hobby can develop a site and share their wares with the world. Using non-blogs, non-social-networking sites. Doing what they love, and their way. Oh yes, I remember... web content isn't necessarily all about mission statements and top tasks.

Meet David Eisenhauer of Pictopuzzle. He has spent several years developing cryptic crossword-style puzzles based on visual puns. (And he's looking for extra outlets, by the way...)

Next is Russell Self of, singer, guitarist and poet. Among his sample mp3 tracks are a couple of poems. It's so good to hear a rich, individual voice reading an original poem aloud: podcast technology was born for this. But I was a bit disappointed to find the poem on his home page was metaphorical and not for real. Doh. Never mind. Dial-a-bard and buy a poem: their day will come again. reminds me of a plan I had years ago which came to nothing: I wrote heaps of little wee poems which I wanted to sell to Vodafone - a poem a day. They didn't want my bright idea: more fools they. I thought up many names - maybe Phoneapoem? That's the most fun part of all.

I reckon after my current incarnation as co-director of Contented courses I could take up that idea again. I hear that in Japan, more people access the web by mobile phone than by computers. (Bother, the poems are in English.)

Recently I keep seeing articles about creating mobile-specific web sites. So when I'm good and ready, I'll be able to do it all myself. Like Russell and David.

Then anyone with a mobile phone will be able to dial-a-bard for real... And do you have such a plan, I wonder?

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