Survey of Book Publishers in New Zealand

bpanz.jpgThe Book Publishers Association of New Zealand has released its 2007 report on the state of publishing here. Colmar Brunton did the research and wrote the report. Here's the Executive Summary.

126 organisations completed the survey
In 2007, participating Publishers turned over $244,713,476
In 2007, participating Publishers published 2,394 new New Zealand titles
In 2007, participating Publishers employed 885 people
Small Publishers makes up a large part of the industry
- 57% of publishers employ 1 or less full time equivalent staff member
- Only 21% employ more than 7 people
Professional/Technical and Education are the biggest publishing categories
The industry is growing
- 36% of publishers say their business is growing
- While 12% say its declining

Then we get into the really interesting stuff. Such as, if turnover is down, and revenue is down, how come the industry is growing? Oh, I get it: growth is slowing. Does that make sense? I got a C for Statistics, sorry.

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