US customers are demanding more from e-government

foresee.jpg The latest quarterly E-government Satisfaction Index is out from FORESEE Results. It concludes:

Citizen satisfaction with federal government websites has hit a plateau, slipping a half percent to 73.3. Expectations rise, so government departments and agencies must respond to increasing public demands. If government web sites stand still, satisfaction drops.
The 91 sites surveyed were analysed by functional and structural categories:

  • portals/department main sites, information/news sites, career/recruitment sites and e-commerce/transactional sites
  • department-level, agency-level and program sites.

The 19 top-performing government web sites had some common factors.

  • They customize online content to serve needs of multiple stakeholders.
  • Management recognises web’s strategic value.
  • They use “voice of citizen” data as improvement tool.
  • Focus: citizen needs are paramount.

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