China's answer to YouTube was launched two months after YouTube, so it cannot be regarded as a copycat site. Similarities are obvious but hey, the differences are exciting.
It's a cool way to waste time. Clicking away on the home page videos I have successfully flagged away half an hour already. Tudou means potato, and also reminds me of my neglected to-do list. You have been warned.
Page 1 hits today are a wonderfully diverse bunch of videos, from home karaoke lip sync to some great animation. Self-expression, satire, parody, mockery, fun, dystopiae, it's all there. Totally over the top with knobs on. Little sprinkles of English help the CFL reader. Tudou is a window on China's youth culture.

Seven million unique visitors per day is the score for Tudou. Wikis and blogs can be shared as well as video clips and podcasts.

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