China's answer to YouTube was launched two months after YouTube, so it cannot be regarded as a copycat site. Similarities are obvious but hey, the differences are exciting.
It's a cool way to waste time. Clicking away on the home page videos I have successfully flagged away half an hour already. Tudou means potato, and also reminds me of my neglected to-do list. You have been warned.
Page 1 hits today are a wonderfully diverse bunch of videos, from home karaoke lip sync to some great animation. Self-expression, satire, parody, mockery, fun, dystopiae, it's all there. Totally over the top with knobs on. Little sprinkles of English help the CFL reader. Tudou is a window on China's youth culture.

Seven million unique visitors per day is the score for Tudou. Wikis and blogs can be shared as well as video clips and podcasts.

Rachel McAlpine
Rachel McAlpine


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