Webstock early-bird registration extended

News from Webstock 2008

Early-bird registration was going to close today. But we've had a lot of
people contact us saying, "Arrgghhhh, it's come round too soon, I still
need to save money, write a business case, get approval, get my act
together ... ".

So being the good people we are, we're extending early-bird for one
week. It will now close at the end of Friday 30 November. There will be
no extensions after that date and late and hungry bird registration will
then apply.

date.png All of the full-day Webstock workshops have now sold out. That's Amy Hoy, Kelly Goto, Scott Berkun and Peter Morville for those keeping track at home. Also sold out are the half-day workshops for Luke Wroblewski and Jill Whalen.

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