The chain of pieties continues

womansday41207.jpg So, women's magazines in 1903 and 1962 were loaded with sugary pieties. How about now? I bought copies of the Woman's Day and Woman's Weekly to check it out.

Superficially they are a far cry from the home-body preaching of the 60s. On the garish covers, nothing but celebrities, none of whom is likely to make her own toffee.

But they're our new role models, and they so deserve this. For I learned something important from my research. Without exception these heroic characters put their children first, believe in true love, seek truth and love their native land. Such wonderful, wonderful people, riddled with virtue. Like the girls of the Empire in 1903 and the earnest housewives of the 1960s, we should feel honoured to ponder the wise words of those greater than ourselves.

  • Chelsy was — and still is — the love of his life.
  • They have promised to always be open and honest about their feelings.
  • Zahara was days away from death and she saved that child. As far as she is concerned, that bonded her to that little girl forever.
  • He was in tears by her bedside, praying.
  • She's working hard to keep her figure — and her hubby.
  • The love that they share is quite extraordinary — no marriage lines on a piece of paper, but an understanding and fidelity that seems like a fortress.
  • What I love about travelling is I learn so much about me.
  • It's made me realise if I ever have a family it will be in New Zealand. This is where I want to raise my children.
  • A ferocious saver, Miriama diligently puts away 60% of her wage from every acting job.
  • Her daughter Inez is the centre of the former top model's life.
  • He makes me laugh every day, and is overflowing with goodness and talent.
  • But I'm very patriotic to New Zealand.
  • People seem to think that winning a Commonwealth gold medal has been the pinnacle of my life. But in actual fact, giving birth to my sons and being a mother tops the list.
  • But away from the cameras, the TV star likes nothing better than relaxing in his retro-style home, which has a simplistic yet uncluttered feel to it.
  • I think being in new places and having new experiences makes you learn about yourself and grow.
  • Do you ever get the feeling you're just a little too attached to your cellphone?

Who needs religion while women's magazines are here to shine the light of morality on our mucky little lives?

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