NZ's Plain English Power

Plain English Power

Would you like to join a brand new New Zealand network of plain English supporters? (Free.) We need you!
Please look at our goals.

If you want to join, please email me.

And say how you would like to be described, for example:

    Lesley Evans, artist
    John Smith, Wellington City Councillor
    James Cook, Maritime Services of NZ

Your name would then be posted on the site as a supporter.

Thank you for joining, I hope.

PS We have no intention of flooding you with emails. One every six months, maybe, if we have good news to report?

PPS Please spread the word. High numbers will bring traction
and action when we seek to influence government. So will group memberships.


Jun 18, 2008 • Posted by rachel

Thanks Ed! In other countries there are many plain English or plain language groups with various aims. Some have offered moral support and real help — thank you all! But Plain English Power focuses on changing standards within New Zealand — that’s enough for me to get my head around.

Jun 23, 2008 • Posted by Denise Snakard

Oooooh do I welcome this site-!! I took a few writing courses online and learned to use simple language….as well as taking 1200 words and eliminating words until I had 700. It was hard, but the end result proved to be smart writing.

Jun 18, 2008 • Posted by Ed Dzitko

What a great idea! PR professionals are trained not to use corporate speak, to use plain English so people will understand what a company is trying to do or say. Still, corporate jargon works its way in everywhere. And legal-eese, that’s a whole ’nother story. Good luck. Hope is goes well and you can start affiliates in other countries.

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