Web content is forever

From here to eternity film poster.
How a judge is trying to sidestep Google: Bernard Hickey writes fairly and sensibly about the strange decision of a judge to order selective name suppression, which is surely a contradiction in terms.

Judge David Harvey was trying to solve the problem of the Web's ubiquitous and eternal archives. It's one thing to read the names of the accused in a newspaper or hear them on a radio news bulletin: It's another to do a Google search and learn about past convictions.

Hickey points out that the Judge is an authority on cyber-law and,

Jurors searching Google and therefore tainting trials is a real risk and has to be dealt with in some way.
However, I want to respectfully disagree with Justice Harvey’s ruling for a variety of reasons and suggest some potential solutions for this problem.

Read on! And let's brood over the huge responsibility of posting any information online at all. It's there in your blog for the world to see. It's there for the duration, from here to eternity.

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