Training in a time of recession

Red graph line going down.
Like most of you, we have been wondering how our work will be affected by the worldwide financial crisis. What happens to training? Is it a luxury to be abandoned, like a new car? Or a little treat that we need more than ever?

Surprisingly, we have had a rush of new clients lately, mostly wishing to buy an organisation licence giving 100 staff access to our courses over 12 months.

Or maybe that's not surprising. Just before the New Zealand election that turned our government upside down, Finance Minister Michael Cullen said that in hard times, there's a
trend towards "certification".

Makes sense. Lost your job or worrying about it? Gain extra qualifications to increase your employability.

A change of government may also be driving customers our way. Any hint of budget cuts can make training officers grab opportunities before they are whisked off the plate.

Whatever the reason, we're ready.

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