I tried and tried a little bit hardish

Summer holidays

Honestly, I did. Over the last three weeks I thought about aspects of web content at least 40 times, I promise. Quite often, maybe four times, I toyed with an idea that deserved a blog entry. In the spirit of ongoing professional development, as you do.

But hey, last weekend the sun was belting out its full December wattage. Sparrows chirped. Students drummed. I'm sorry, but this is no time for earnest blogging. It's a time for friends bearing gifts of homegrown flowers. Indulging at the incomparable Jamie Bull Otaki whitebait-fest. Lolling on the deck under sunhats. Or this morning, relishing the soft and desirable spring rain. And packing for a cruise to the Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica.

Now honestly, what did you expect? Personally I expected to carry on full steam until 24 December. And true, normal business carries on. But somehow this year Christmas and summer arrived ahead of schedule. It's naughty but it's nice.

So if I do blog before the end of January, don't be impressed: be puzzled.

What I did (will do) in the holidays.

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