A List Apart on the case again

Elephant of content strategy
A List Apart has been talking about content strategy. This means actually thinking about what content you need and why, and figuring who will look after it after the initial launch... and so forth. Speaking as a web developer, Kristina Halvorson says this... and more...

As a community, we’re rather quiet on the matter of content. In fact, we appear to have collectively, silently come to the conclusion that content is really somebody else’s problem—“the client can do it,” “the users will generate it”—so we, the people who make websites, shouldn’t have to worry about it in the first place.

Do you think it’s a coincidence, then, that web content is, for the most part, crap?

Jeffrey MacIntyre writes just as strongly in his article Content-ious Strategy.

Nice illustration, ay? In presentations I often refer to content as the elephant in the drawing room. Not frightfully original: it's the obvious metaphor for this peculiar and troublesome situation. Happily, Halvorson offers solutions as well as waving a red flag.

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