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SFIA... lovely acronym, pronounced as in Sophia Loren. It stands for the Skills Framework for the Information Age.

10 things you should know about SFIA, as explained very clearly by Peter Leather.

The NZCS will use SFIA for certificating ICT Professionals. (As do numerous other countries.)

To maintain their status, New Zealand Certified ICT Professionals will have to complete a minimum of 30 hours of Continued Professional Development (CPD) per year.

That's where we come in. CONTENTED courses are closely aligned with one SFIA skill (regardless of level): INFORMATION CONTENT AUTHORING — INCA:

The planning, design and creation of textual information,
supported where necessary by graphical content. This
material may be delivered electronically (for example,
as collections of web pages) or otherwise. This skill
includes managing the quality assurance and authoring
processes for the material being produced.

CONTENTED courses are also appropriate professional
development courses for ICT practitioners who use
the following SFIA skills:

  1. Information content publishing ICPM
  2. Learning resources creation and maintenance TMCR
  3. Marketing MKTG
  4. Quality management QUMG
  5. Quality standards QUST.

We're sure you'll get credit for doing our courses.


Apr 14, 2009 • Posted by rachel

How do you do, Peter: nice to meet you. You’re in the thick of things there. I’ve taken steps to join the SFIA User Forum. I hope other Contented readers do too. If you holiday in New Zealand again soon, you might want to contact the NZCS. There must be many people interested in your considerable experience with SFIA.
All the best,

Apr 14, 2009 • Posted by Peter Leather

Hi Rachel

Thanks for your kind comments – I’m glad you appreciated the SFIA summary. I hope you will consider joining the SFIA User Forum (www.sfiauser.ning.com) – we really need some active members. I recently volunteered to breathe some life into the Forum. It has been going for nearly 2 years but has struggled to live up to his initial ambitions. Nevertheless we have more than 250 members from over 25 countries and the recent survey I conducted demonstrates their is a genuine worldwide interest in getting a SFIA User Fourm in place. I will be publishing the results of the survey soon – you will be welcome to use those on this blog if you want to.

best wishes

Peter Leather

PS My wife and I had a wonderful 3 week holiday in the South Island in 2001 – and I hope to make it back some time soon (I have a 6 year old son now and he is dead keen as well!!).

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