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My EFLAW guidelines: make your documents easy to understand for people who use English as a foreign language (EFL)

Dear Watson

I was delighted to read your article about EFLAW. It's an excellent summary. And I appreciate getting some credit for my insight about clusters of mini-words. It's true, this understanding came solely from my own observations.

I've always tried to find simple ways to explain the principles of good writing, because most business writers have no training in grammar. So I look for ways that bypass grammatical terms.

For example, I could have explained the "cluster of mini-words" as a "three or more consecutive single-syllable words, especially prepositions, articles, pronouns, modal verbs and conjunctions, and common verbs and nouns of Anglo-Saxon derivation". But in the real world today, who but linguists would have the faintest idea of what this meant?

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